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L-Acoustics Rental Indianapolis 

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Unleash the power of pristine sound with the advanced L-Acoustics Line Array PA, available through Real Event Enterprises. Elevate your events to new sonic heights with this cutting-edge audio solution, known for its unparalleled clarity, precision, and immersive performance. Immerse your audience in a world of rich, detailed sound reproduction delivered by state-of-the-art L-Acoustics technology. Real Event Enterprises ensures a seamless experience, providing top-notch audio solutions tailored to your event needs. Transform every moment into an unforgettable auditory journey with the L-Acoustics Line Array PA from Real Event Enterprises – where excellence in sound meets exceptional event production.


Transform spaces effortlessly for any purpose. Shape venues into vibrant concert halls, balanced music spaces, or enhance presenter clarity. Connect through shared experiences, uniting the audience with artists for an ultimate performance. Immerse in art installations, dissolving boundaries, and shaping acoustics with precision for a complete audio-visual fusion.

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Our L Acoustics PA 


In the realm of cutting-edge audio technology, ARCS® line sources stand out as the epitome of excellence, delivering a blend of high Sound Pressure Level (SPL), impeccable acoustic coupling, and unwavering tonal balance across various distances. Whether deployed horizontally or vertically, these systems exhibit a trapezoidal shape that perfectly corresponds to their coverage values of 15°, 22.5°, or 30°, allowing for an immediate on-site visualization of array coverage.

The ARCS® line sources boast a precision-engineered trapezoidal design, offering a dual benefit of razor-sharp directivity patterns in the coupling plane and smooth directivity patterns in the alternative plane. This unique feature proves particularly valuable in sector audience fields, minimizing interference from reflective surfaces.

One notable aspect of ARCS® line sources is their coverage scalability, providing adaptability to diverse applications. With the ability to be deployed both horizontally and vertically, the total coverage angle scales proportionally to the number of ARCS® enclosures in the array. From narrow coverage requirements (15°, 22.5°, 30°) for fills to standard coverage (75°, 90°) suitable for Left/Right Front of House (L/R FOH) systems, and even extended coverage (105°, 120°) for central clusters, ARCS® excels in accommodating audience geometries ranging from simple to complex.

ARCS FOCUS and ARCS WIDE, two exceptional systems within the ARCS® lineup, feature constant curvature enclosures designed for medium-throw applications in both rental productions and fixed installations. These systems ensure distinct directivity patterns and Sound Pressure Level (SPL) capabilities, making them versatile choices for Front of House (FOH) L/R systems, central clusters, side-fill monitors, distributed systems, and complementary fills.

Whether in a live concert setting or a fixed installation, ARCS® line sources guarantee an unparalleled listening experience characterized by clarity, precision, and impactful sound. With their adaptability, precision engineering, and versatility, ARCS® reaffirms its position as a leading solution for achieving superior audio quality in diverse audio applications.


Unbeliveable covrage

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SB 18's

Our 8 L-Acoustics SB18 Sub, are a formidable member of the renowned L-Acoustics Sub Series System, designed to set new benchmarks in subwoofer performance. Crafted with precision engineering and advanced technology, the SB18 Sub is a powerhouse that delivers an unparalleled low-frequency experience across diverse audio applications.

At the heart of the SB18 Sub is a high-excursion, front-loaded design, optimizing transient response and extending low-frequency reproduction capabilities. This subwoofer is equipped with a formidable 18-inch neodymium driver, delivering impressive efficiency and power handling. The advanced port design contributes to a well-defined bass response, ensuring a tight and impactful sonic performance.

The SB18 Sub's versatility shines in its applications, excelling as a complementary element to our main PA system, providing low-frequency reinforcement in live music settings, and elevating cinematic audio in all applications . Its rugged enclosure is not only acoustically optimized but also built for durability and visual sophistication.

For sound enthusiasts seeking a technically superior solution, the L-Acoustics SB18 Sub stands as a testament to innovation, combining robust engineering with cutting-edge components to deliver an immersive and technically precise low-frequency experience. Elevate your audio standards with the SB18 Sub, where technical excellence meets sonic supremacy.

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