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Festival Services 

festival equiptment

Is your event is more complex than a simple party? Although we provide products for rental we are more than a rental company.  We are capable of supplying your festival with full package of features and services.  You can rest assured you are in good hands.  Music Festivals are a complex orchestra of many moving pieces, for your festival to become a profitable reoccurring event it takes precise planning and execution to culminate in to a lasting event.


From years of experience through many events we can answer the complex questions that pose a festival creator.  How much water will you need?  Where should your power come from?  Will you need hay if it rains? Can your venue effectively park, traffic and control the crowd you are expecting? There is nothing easy about creating a festival, your responsibility is enormous, Real Event Enterprises is here to ease that responsibility so you can focus on the aspects of the event that you would like.

Past Clients Include 

mobile stage rental
party equiptment indianapolis
Music festival planning
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festival rentals
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