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Stage rental, Tent rental, wedding lighting, pro audio and event production services in Indianapolis 

Who is Real Event Enterprises?

What do we do?

We are a full service professional entertainment service and rental company.   We pride ourselves on one on one service from experienced professionals, clean tents, crystal clear audio, dazzling lighting and incredible mobile stages.  Your special occasion maters to us, we understand that we may have one opportunity to make an impression on you, as well as your guest!  This is why no matter what type of event, from a children’s birthday party to a concert for thousands it is our goal to have every guest leave with the mindset that they have just experienced a “Real Event”!


We offer everything under one roof. Why spend hours, if not days, chasing up different options and trying to cross-negotiate prices to fit into your budget? Our company has everything you need and we can offer a competitive package that’s agreeable for any budget. This saves you time, money and stress!


In addition to this, we have dedicated experience in planning and hosting events, so you can always trust our expertise and knowledge. We can help you with booking acts and even suggest the best way to plan the event itself. After all, we’ve helped numerous great occasions with our stages, lighting and sound equipment, so we know what works best.


Whether you’re hosting a large festival or a small birthday party, we have rental equipment and products to suit every scale. Our direct to event approach to your event will save you time and money. We view ourselves as an event consulting sercing as much as a rental company.  If you have your guest and your venue we can take care of your rental set up and delivery need. This way, you’re not paying for things you don’t need, yet still have everything your guests could need or want.


Finally, we treat every event as a “real event”. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us, which is why we offer a friendly and professional service to all of our clients. If you would like to know more, you can call or e-mail us – let’s get your event started!

To find out more about our company's history check out the link below. 


We would love to quote your next party or event. Our superior quality tents are some of the best in the industry. Our tents are clean and spacious Hi peak static line canopies.  Our tents create wide open unobstructed space to allow for a free open set up.  By using a conjoining  set up of canopy we can customize each set up to meet your needs. Our tents remain clean and ready for your event  call us today they book up quick. By choosing Real Event Enterprises Stage and tent rental we assure you that your tent will be  where you need it when you want it. 


Stage rental is the basis of our company we offer staging for an extremely wide variety of events. from formal set ups to back yard parties, graduation ceremonies to bars.  We offer stages as small as 8x8 platforms for solo performances to massive mobile trailer stage options.   All stages we rent include set up and delivery we offer some of the most competitive stage rental prices in Indianapolis .  Our stage rental is the root of our business and the importance of quality and safety of every stage is our top priority for each and every event we do regardless of size. We are waiting and ready to get the stage that you need at the time that you need it. Take a look at the link below to view just some of our stage rental needs make sure to give us a call if your not seeing what your looking for were always up for a challenge


lighting can make or break your event the impact of just a few lights can entirely change your room.  Venues do not typically offer uplighting or wedding lighting to the extent we can provide, we are here to fill that gap. With fantastic easily adjustable lights and monograms, the impact of brilliantly colored uplighting can have phenomenal results.  We recognize proper placement of your lighting equipment is key in making your event shine. take a look at some of our incredible lighting options. 


If you are looking to rock the show or just use a small PA rental for announcements we have you covered our pro audio is some of the clearest available in Indianapolis.  We have an experienced production crew capable of managing all levels of your pro audio rental equipment needs. From the system requirements  of a simple announcement or wedding to superior pro audio and production requirements of full concerts in need of  line array systems for thousands are experienced PA staff will have you at ease with the setup and management of your sound rental.  


lighting can make or break your show,  call us now to so we can get together a lighting package that is sure to be a crowd pleaser .  Stage lighting options are vastly customizable just let us know what you're looking for in your event and we can get the perfectly engineered light show prepared for you. Stage lighting rental is no small task but one we are more than happy to take on for your event. 

Rental Products For Events
Up Lighting

Up Lighting

Stage Rental

Stage Rental

Audio systems

Audio systems

Tents Rental

Tents Rental

Stage lighting

Stage lighting



Tables and Chairs

Tables and Chairs



We Strive To Be The Best Event Rental Company In Indianapolis

Running or hosting an event is hard work. Not least of all, planning can be a nightmare, as you have to find someone who can supply you with lighting and sound equipment, tents, stages and more. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to find a company that did all of that for you?


Real Event Enterprises specializes in offering a wide range of high quality event equipment, all for rental right here in Indianapolis. Not only are we close by, we offer a superb service that will help make your event planning so much easier!

Our Services


So, how can we help? As a specialist in event rental in preparation, we can supply you with everything you need to host an amazing party or occasion. Our products and services include:


  • Tents

  • Lighting equipment

  • Stages

  • Audio equipment

  • Production rental

  • Festival planning and marketing services


The list goes on but, needless to say, we offer a convenient service that will give you everything you need to run a successful event. As a complete package, you can use our rental services that acquire what you need at a low, affordable price without sacrificing on the final quality.


Because we’re a localized company, we can arrange a very quick service. You don’t have to wait for us to transport our supplies from another state and, likewise, we’re not going to charge you extra fees as a result.

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Take a look at our blog for news tips and information about upcoming events that we are involved in. Our events throughout out the city include racing, beer fest, concerts and festivals.   It's not uncommon for us to share trade secrets to make sure your event is a success.  We also have information tips and ticks from that will help you set up the event. Between our experience in tent stage and audio pro production we offer expert advice from our years of event experience. We have ran to and overcome event nightmares that no one would like to deal with. With every event and rental We learn and are happy to share what we know with everyone.   We are more than just a rental company we are your source for making your event as amazing as it can be

Past Clients 

We are extremely proud to have worked with some of the most prestigious vendors, venues, events and businesses in Indianapolis!

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Stage Rental

Stage Rental

Festival Planning

Festival Planning



Special Services 
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