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About Us

Real Event Enterprises began in planning and managing events of all varieties, whether they're large, small, public or private. Over our evolution we have added a long list of products available for rent.. Regardless of the type of event you are hosting, we will take on the responsibility of its details and cater to your needs so you can have a Real Event of your own!



In 2006 We began to throw an annual party at the indy 500 campground. The annual party grew from a simple party to a concert ultimately in its 6th year the event spanned over 2 days hosting  9 performances including Midwest Hype,  Ric Jilla and mainstream Hip Hop group Do or Die.  During this time in 

2008 Real Event Enterprises was founded by Gregory Varas and Matthew Zielinski on the premises of providing safe and enjoyable events at an affordable price. And in 2009 we funded our first concert as Real Event Enterprises, featuring Kramus, for the hit TV show Pinks All Out.

The equipment collected during this time spawned in to a rental company that has become what Real Event Enterprises is today We have been proud to have been associated with several charity events. We have taken part in the 2nd Annual Summer Fest, at Carey Tavern feat. The Why Store, in Westfield; In. Summer Fest was a charity event to raise funds for the local fire departments bereavement fund.  We have also hosted Toms One Day Without shoes charity event on the IU campus feat. The Main Squeeze. Over more recent years we have grown our selection of products significantly, now offering large tents, stages, audio and lighting systems. We have provided tents and up lighting to countless weddings and have had the pleasure of working with the Eitlejorg Museum and NUVO. We also have provided equipment to Fortville for their Bastilles day event that drew a crowd of over 5,000 people.


As equipment request grew we continued to expand our rental inventory as well as the planning and managing events. 10 years from our establishment we now focus on equipment rental to the most prestigious venues and event rental customers in Indianapolis, from time to time we may get back to our roots and select a special event to which we seek more involvement in.


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