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Incredible Elegance 

Uplighting  Rental Indianapolis

Up Lighing rental
Wedding lighting
Small Custom gobo projector 
$35 Custom gobo
$25 spot light  
up lighting rental
Wedding lighting
Large custom gobo projector
$110 Custom gobo
$35 non custom gobo
$20 spot light  
up lighting rental
Wedding lighting
 Bliss 15 Star projector 
$40 for
Spectacular results 
up lighting rental

Up lights only $10 Each !! set up included!

Wedding lighting
Par 36 LED Up lights 
$15 EA!!!!
up lighting rental
Up Lighting rental
Up lighting

All of our lighing is Quality 18X3W RGB PAR64 DMX512. Six red, six green and six blue lights combine to create many spectacular effects that are suitable for any special occasion. The bright, festive LEDs consume less power than traditional bulbs and are less likely to overheat. Each light power draw is only 56 Watts allowing for numorous lights on a single outlet.

Have you attended or seen a wedding celebration with an endearing atmosphere because of the fantastic lighting? Perhaps, you too have been dreaming to achieve such an ambiance for your own event. If this is the case, there is no better way to make that dream wedding happen than by teaming up with some of the most qualified up lighting experts in Indianapolis.  These up-lighting specialists are just a fountain of brilliance when it comes to creating lighting ideas that everyone will certainly be in awe of. Aside from the wide array of uplighting ideas and designs that they already have, they are still capable of creating new designs that no one has ever seen yet. With this being said, you can only expect that your event’s lighting theme is unlike any other. If you are interested in full-production stage lighting check out our wide selection of stage lighting and FX. 





Have you been planning to get married soon? Or do you want your corporate gathering to be truly elegant? If you said ‘yes’ to that, the up lighting services offered by Real Event Enterprises is the right lighting partner for you. Many customers have already tried and proven their brilliant works. You too can be one of them. There are tons of reasons why you should entrust the up lighting needs for such remarkable events. Read on to know more about them.

Incomparable Up Lighting Ideas


While it is true that up lighting works have to be above standards, it does not necessarily mean that its prices are above the ranges that customers can afford. A good up lighting service provider is capable of giving you top-of-the-line services while still making sure that it won’t be hard on your budget. Thanks to Real Event Enterprises! With this company, even if you are a marrying couple who needs a stretch in your budget, you can still have their excellent work. These up lighting professionals are more than aware of the fact that money is generally a problem when planning a wedding. For this reason, they are giving you their up lighting services at a price you’ve never thought possible. Go visit their up lighting calculator and see how cost-efficient their works are as compared to their competitors. By offering cheap up lighting prices without charging delivery to local events you will be able to maximize you expenses to make your celebration better than you had imagined.

Real Experts


As a customer, you deserve nothing less. For this reason, you should only spend your money on a service provider where you are assured of 100% satisfaction. Well, this is what you will experience with Real Event Enterprises. This company houses the best up lighting experts. They have been in the industry for decades, which allowed them to gain unfathomable skills and expertise in world of up lighting.

Your search for the ultimate up lighting partner is finally over. With Real Events Enterprises, your corporate get-together or wedding celebration will surely be illuminated with up lighting concepts that you can only imagine.

Up Lighting

To help our customers we have uploaded our basic up lighting calculator

Input the length and width of your venue to determine a general estimate of the lighting required for your room

  1. Enter the room length 

  2. Enter the room Width

* $100 min order 

We know you have quetions just ask us .

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