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Stage Rental Indianapolis

Stage rental

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 Stage Pricing 
1' tall 12x16
2' tall 12x16W top
2' tall 20x24
2' tall 24x12
2' tall 8x24
3' tall 16x12
3' tall 24x12
3' tall 24x16 trailer stage

Contact us for custom sizes, shapes & trailer stages

Now Introducing our 24x16 trailer stage 


Are you looking for reliable stage rentals around Indianapolis and its surrounding county? We have professional and portable stages as well as risers in the area, which can accommodate any kind of event, occasion, situation as well as structural requirements. We do have stages, runways, platforms, catwalks, and risers for your specific purposes. Allow us to help you organize your event in terms of staging and we assure you that you won’t regret trusting us. A stage is an excellent way to make your parties or occasion more lively. If staging is all you need we're here to help but pair this along with our Meyer sound system or Video and lighting services now that can create something memorable. We at Real Event Enterprises, don’t just offer mere staging services, but we are providing versatile and at the same time, customizable stages. We specifically designed them for quick setup. Within 30 minutes, we guarantee you can be able to start rocking out with your occasion. Take note that we always inspect it for the sake of structural stability and wear. This is to make sure that everything is safe. It is our priority to give you the best day without giving you further hassle or placing any guest, artist, or performer in danger. We know and understand that there many factors which affect and result in the stage collapse. We don’t want that to happen. All of our stages are regularly inspected for wear and structural stability, insuring the safety of those both on and off our stage. Our team are already well-experienced staffs and employees so you are rest assured that everything will flow smoothly, from start to finish. Not only that, but we also provide:

• Permitting Assistance, We can help you get your permit within Marion county.
• Staff for tear down set up: We have also assigned someone who will serve you in setting up the stage as well as in checking out the stage set up for the safety of everyone.
• Crowd control fencing In case of big events/concerts, we have also provided this one for security and safety purposes.
• lighting system: Lighting system is one major factor in making your occasions or event extraordinary.
Expect something fantastic from us. When it comes to Indiana staging, we at Real Events Enterprise will assist in transforming your events into a one-of-a-kind experience you wouldn’t forget. Our commitment to excellence and providing high-quality rental staging will be our hold as we do our job. Aside from that, you don’t have to worry about the price. Our rental services are affordable and we ensure that you are going to get quality staging at a reasonable price. We have Indiana staging that can fit within any budget. However, you should know that we may require a site survey if you express particularly rough terrains or unusual obstructions at the set-up location. What are you waiting for? Call us now! Our friendly staff will be glad to accommodate your needs and answer your questions and concerns. Trust no one but Real Event Enterprises. 

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Impressive Strength 

Our stage offers plenty of strength for all uses. Short of vehicles we are able to safely support your events demanding needs. 


Dont forget your barricades !

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