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Audio rental

Pro audio Rental Indianapolis 

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Real Event Enterprises is pleased to provide you with top quality sound gear for your event.  Our Audio rentals use only top of the line crystal clear equipment. Our Pro audio techs have years of experience in the audio industry.   When it comes to great pro audio we understand that attention to your audience is just as important as insuring your sound on stage is premiere as well.  There plenty of Indianapolis audio rental companies to choose from, by selecting us we will insure you will not be disappointed! All audio rentals are based on on case by case basis so call today to book your equiptment! 

Wired and Wireless microphones 

  • SM 57's

  • SM 58's

  • AUDIX DP7 Drum kits 

Highest fidelity PA products on the market are available for your event.


  • k12's

  • kW181's

  • kW153's 

Stands and cables included! 

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Are you in search of a sound system that can deliver a powerful and immersive audio experience for a large audience of 600 or more guests? Look no further than our Meyer PA, which boasts an impressive setup consisting of two CQ-1's and a highly capable HP-700 dual 18 Subwoofer. With its clear and dynamic sound quality, our Meyer PA is sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience and elevate your event to the next level.

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Are you Ready for Massive? 


The Sound Makes The Show!

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